The House Within the House

For years and years, in dreamtime,

I have dreamed of living in a Spanish 

Revival house. Only this particular house, 

despite having the correct architectural style

 and historical significance, 

            truly reveals itself in what lies behind             

            the interior walls, a complete inner             

            world that even outdoes the façade             

            that is this unique structure. 

Sure enough, the main floor ambience 

is strongly established in the grand Mission 

Revival fireplace and further enhanced 

by the synchronicity of both curves and arches.             

            Beginning our tour of the interior world 

            behind the interior, the living room sets 

            a softer tone with richly colored handmade 

            tile surround from Mexico, framing the fireplace. 

I imagine your head, as mine, is spinning doing 

mind cartwheels, pirouettes, and head over heels

jumping to conclusions, all in a feigned attempt 

to comprehend this house within a house.             

            The only solution to this conundrum             

            of interior within the interior,             

             is this: to humbly invite you            

             to join me in dreamtime,             

             and be prepared for the grand tour.   


©Paul Goldman May 9, 2022

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