The What Once Was

The What Once Was 

The what once was has come again, 

not a repeating reframe of the past, 

rather something entirely new 

and pristine, ripe for this moment. 

You settle in, seeing if your eyes, 

ears, and heart, too, are ready 

to perceive what has not been 

perceived before. All around 

you, yellow daffodils are already 

blooming, while peach tulips 

whisper to each other in 

anticipation of their turn. 

Sky, trees, earth appear 

as if they have changed 

in this new world, sharper 

somehow. You realize 

an awakening has occurred. 

Now, what you see, hear 

and feel is at a level you have

never experienced. The what 

once was has come again.

©Paul Goldman April 12, 2022

[image by Emma Atkinson]

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