Time Was When the Wood Floor Talked

Time Was When the Wood Floor Talked

 I am living proof that once you have 

experienced the oaken wood floor 

come alive in technicolor and 

begin talking with you, 

life as you know it changes, 

nothing can ever be the same 

again. In the curves and bends 

of infinity wrapping its figure eight 

self around itself, have I not 

already experienced this 

rebirthing of recall? 

Am I not meant to be 

here now awaiting 

the cycle of repetition 

to return to this sacred 

spot, to find anew 

the mystery teachers 

who have steeped 

themselves in 

the medicine 

not sought or taught

in the West? 

Listen with me now, 

the wood floor is speaking, 

to me, to you, listen.

©Paul Goldman June 10, 2022

[image by Paul Goldman via NightCafe AI]

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