Ways and Means Committee

Ways and Means Committee 

Picture a myriad of light beings, 

[for that is you and me after 

our death] gathered at 

an illusionary Mission

style long and endless 

mahogany dining table, 

a committee has gathered 

to assist you in contracting 

the proper methods and resources

that you will need in this next 

and very vital incarnation. 

Be careful exactly 

how and what you 

choose. Be assured 

that the choices 

you choose each 

have consequences.

Sloppy methods or 

a lack of proper 

resources, will 

give way to a most 

difficult next incarnation. 

Your entire soul record 

is available to peruse 

the body of credits, 

debits, and karma 

accumulated in your 


You will have all 

that you need 

and all the time, 

of course, here

there is no actual 

time, it is illusory. 

Make wise choices,

after all, each return 

to another human

lifetime, may

be your final one.

©Paul Goldman April 8, 2022

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