You Cannot Fit a Two-Dimensional

You Cannot Fit a Two-Dimensional 

I have spent night after night  

chasing algorithms and drinking  

proofs to substantiate my claim 

that what is wrong with this 3D 

world, is merely a matter 

of mathematics, there simply 

are too many 2D individuals 

running around amok, 

from trying to expand 

their flattened molecules to 

fit in with the larger portion 

of a 3D society who manage 

to behave at least well enough

 to not go off half-cocked

 and kill people. 

Further complicating the 

Pythagorean postulations

 I am struggling to solve,

 is the matter of recruiting 

enough 3D individuals 

who are attuned to both 

the lower 2D and the higher 

4D and even 5D. 

By now, you have caught 

onto the certain peril 

that faces this 3D world, 

unless we discover, 

like lightning in a bottle, 

the very means to expand 

every 2D into a 3D. 

Feel free to drop in 

anytime soon, as I 

continue night after

night chasing algorithms 

and drinking proofs.

©Paul Goldman June 8, 2022

[image by Paul Goldman, NightScape AI art generator]

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